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Scholarship and Grants

Scholarships, assistantships, grants-in-aid, loans, and work-study programs are available to students through the University's Financial Aid Office, through the College, and through the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation.

T.H. Bell

The T.H. Bell Loan is a fund set up within the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. To be eligible for application to this loan, students must meet ALL of the following qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled at Utah State University
  • Two semesters of college course work completed as of February 1st
  • Admitted to the teacher education program (at the time of application)
  • Cumulative (career) GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Utah resident (at the time of application)
  • At least two semesters remaining before completion of program

NOTE: Part-time students; students who already hold a bachelor’s degree, master’s, 2nd bachelor's and other non-traditional students are now eligible to apply as long as you are majoring in an area of critical shortage. The minimum number of credits required per semester is 6 credits. For further information about applying, contact the dean's office at (435) 797-5831.


The TEACH Grant is a Federal program to help students cover the cost of their education while agreeing to teach for a number of years after they complete their degree. To learn more about the TEACH Grant program visit their website at:

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

Special Education Teachers can now be forgiven $17,500 in federal student loans. The nations special education students are in dire need of qualified teachers. In 2005 federal government created an incentive to retain special education teachers in low-income schools by increasing the amount of loan forgiveness available for special education teachers who teach for five consecutive years in designated schools. You are eligible if:

  • You received federal Stafford or Perkins loans.
  • You taught special education in a low-income school for five consecutive years. You borrowed money after 1998.

For more information about loan forgiveness you can go to: or

SPER Scholarships

There are several scholarships available through the department. Applications are due by Feb 1st of each year. All applications are available through the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Dean's Office.

  • Matthew David Hillyard Endowment Scholarship Fund: The Lyle Hillyard family established this scholarship for students in the Special Education Department.
  • Donald F. Kline Scholarship Endowment Fund: This scholarship is for an upper division or graduate student in the Department of Special Education who demonstrates superior academic achievement and has financial need.
  • Joseph Steven Meyrick Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is for a Special Education major, who has a disability or someone with a disability in his/her family and also has financial need. Students applying for this scholarship should address this criteria in their statement of need.
  • Leon G. and Faye Sonne Stucki Scholarship Endowment: Established by Leon G. and Faye Sonne Stucki; awards are made to students who have junior class standing with a declared major in Special Education and Rehabilitation and a grade point average of 3.0 or better. 
  • Undergraduate Special Education Major Scholarship: Upper class Special Education majors are eligible, for this award.

USU Financial Aid Office

For more information about other financial options please visit the Financial Aid Office