Mild/Moderate Distance Degree


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the program take?

  • This program takes seven semesters of core special education coursework to complete. Students should complete their Teaching Support and University Studies courses before starting the program. The Professional Education courses generally take students one to two semesters to complete. Students who enter the program before completing their University Studies and Teaching Support courses will take more time to complete their studies.

How often does the program start?

  • Talk to the Program Advisor about when the program starts to make sure you have completed the necessary requirements before applying. The program starts January of odd-numbered years.  (2015, 2017, 2019, etc.)

I already have a teaching degree. Do I have to complete all of the Mild/Moderate Special Education Program requirements?

  • Yes, This program is an undergraduate degree and students must complete all of the special education coursework in order to complete the program. Students will graduate with a B.S. degree in special education with an endorsement in teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities in grades K-12.

What Praxis II content tests are currently approved by the Utah State Office of Education?

  • The following listing of tests identifies the specific Educational Testing Service (ETS) Praxis II Content Tests that have been approved by the Utah State Office of Education for specific majors/minors/endorsements. Please carefully review this matrix so that you take the correct content test which has been approved for your major/minor/endorsement area(s). Test Numbers.pdf. This matrix also provides information about the specific testing schedule, test fee, test length, and Utah cutoff score, if one has been established. If no Utah cutoff score exists, approval for student teaching and Utah licensure will still be processed. If students take the Praxis exam and a Utah cutoff score has not been established, they will receive a “Pending” for their NCLB “highly qualified status” until the Utah cutoff score has been established.. Please feel free to call our office at 435-797-1443 or email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

How do I register for a Praxis II content test? There are two ways you can register for the Praxis II content exams:

  • You can register for the Praxis II content tests online at using a credit card.
  • If you must pay by check or money order, complete the paper-based registration form in the center of the Praxis Information and Registration Bulletin. You can obtain this registration bulletin by downloading a copy from the Praxis Web Site at or going to USU’s Testing Service located in the basement of the University Inn Room 115. Please note that the registration deadline for each testing date is approximately one month and one day prior to the testing date. If you are registering by mail, your registration must be processed by ETS on that deadline not just received!

When can I take the Praxis II content exam?

  • ETS has seven national testing dates. They are always on a Saturday. Please check with your Regional Campus Testing Center or approved locations (see below) for test dates.

How much does it cost to take the Praxis II content exams?

  • There is a $50 registration fee that is required at the time you register with ETS. This registration fee is in addition to the cost of the test. The registration fee is for per academic year (September through July). Individual test fees are currently ranging from $65-$95.

Does ETS provide any financial aid for their testing costs?

  • ETS does have fee waivers available for these exams which you can apply for. We have learned that if students are receiving financial aid, they will most likely qualify for the fee waiver. If approved for a fee waiver, the $50 registration fee and the test fee may be waived. For more information on fee waivers, please refer to page 8 in the ETS Praxis Series Information and Registration Bulletin.

Where can I take the Praxis II content exams?

You can take the Praxis II content exams at any of the following Utah institutions of higher education.

  • Utah State University (Logan, UT) - test center code #04606
  • Southern Utah University (Cedar City, UT) - test center code #04613
  • Weber State University (Ogden, UT) - test center code #04607
  • Brigham Young University (Orem, UT) - test center code #04611
  • University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) - test center code #04604
  • Utah Valley State College (Orem, UT) - test center code #08862
  • Dixie College (St. George, UT) - test center code #04615

For a comprehensive listing of all ETS national testing sites go and click on “Registration Code Lists"

Other USU codes that you may need as you are registering are the attending institution code (where you are receiving your training) and recipient institution code (where you want your test results sent). USU’s codes are as follows: USU’s attending institution code is #A4857; USU’s recipient institution code is #R4857

How will I receive the results of my test scores? How long will it take before I receive my test scores?

  • ETS score reports are available approximately one month after the testing date. Once you receive your test scores, please make a copy of your composite or overall scores AND your subscores. Please submit these scores to your teaching major’s Office of Student Teaching – Elementary Education, Secondary Education, or Special Education. Remember, you must take and pass you major content test prior to student teaching.

Are there any study guides or test preparation materials available for the Praxis II content exams?

  • The ETS Praxis website ( provides Test Preparation materials. There are currently three options: Tests at a Glance, Study Guides, and Diagnostic Preparation Program. Tests at a Glance provides a brief description of the test, key topics covered on the test, and sample questions with answers. Study Guides (available for purchase) provide a combination of test preparation and practice. The Diagnostic Preparation Program provides customized feedback for those who are retaking a Praxis test.

If I apply to the Mild Moderate program, have I automatically applied to Utah State University?

  • NO. You must apply to both USU and the Mild Moderate program separately.

When is the selection process completed for the upcoming program and when will I be notified of my status?

  • Selections are made in October after the application deadline. Students can expect to be notified of their standing by November 1.

If I am working in a school can I do my practica and student teaching at my school?

  • No. You are required to leave your current teaching placements for one hour each day to go to their practica sites and for a full day, each day for the semester they student teach. Students must teach in both secondary and elementary settings during their practica and student teaching experiences.

Can I do practica and student teaching on the job?

  • No. Your district will be supportive of you leaving your teaching placement for your practica and student teaching experiences. We highly recommend that students leave their current assignments for their student teaching experience.