Mild/Moderate Distance Degree


Current Students

Meeting with Advisor: Current students are required to meet with the Program Advisor each semester. The advisor can help you determine the most effective way to complete the degree. A listing of current appointments is available on the Site Visits calendar.

Field Experience Requirements: Each semester students are required to spend at least four hours a week in a K-12 special education setting. These classroom-based experiences are designed to provide program participants hands-on opportunities related to program coursework. These placements must be approved by the Program Director.

Student Teaching: Student teaching applications are due the semester prior to student teaching. The deadline for Fall Semester is February 1. The deadline for Spring Semester is October 1. The fee for student teaching will be included in your semester fees (paid with tuition) the semester you student teach. The current fee for student teaching is $300 but may change.

Support Services: A mentor's primary responsibility is to provide opportunities for emotional and academic support outside of class time.  Site mentors also serve as the liason between the Program Director and local school district personnel.  If you are interested in getting to know the site mentor for your locality, please contact Dr. Nancy Glomb at

Students with Disabilities: If a student has a disability that will likely require some accommodation by the instructor, the student must contact the instructor and document the disability through the Disability Resource Center (DRC) (797-2444), preferably during the first week of the course. Any request for special consideration relating to attendance, pedagogy, taking of examinations, etc., must be discussed with and approved by the instructor. In cooperation with the Disability Resource Center, course materials can be provided in alternative format, large print, audio, diskette, or Braille. For more information about the DRC you can visit their website:

Praxis Exam: Effective July 1, 2005, the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) now requires all graduates of teacher education programs to submit test score documentation of a USOE approved content-area exam in order to satisfy USOE Level I educator licensure requirements. Click the following link to learn more about the Praxis Exam Information.