Preservice Training for USU Students

       The ASSERT preschool program serves as a training site for current and future special educators and professionals in related areas such as psychology and speech pathology. 

     Graduate and undergraduate students at USU can apply to work in the program and can earn either university credit or money while learning how to effectively teach students with ASD.


Consultative Services

      ASSERT provides consultative services to school districts throughout Utah and its surrounding regions. ASSERT also provides training to school district personnel on effective educational and behavioral strategies for students with autism. To schedule an on-site training workshop, a visit to the ASSERT preschool program,  or to inquire about other consultative services, contact Dr. Higbee via phone: (435) 797-1933 or email: tom.higbee@usu.edu.

 Contact: Dr. Higbee | Phone: 435.797.1933 | Fax: 435.797.3572 | Email:  tom.higbee@usu.edu